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The Ant Philosophy by Jim Rohn - A filosofia das formigas

The Ant Philosophy by Jim Rohn

Wow, what a great philosophy to have-the ant philosophy. Never give up, look ahead, stay positive and do all you can.

Over the years, I've been teaching kids about a simple but powerful concept: the Ant Philosophy. I think everybody should study ants. They have an amazing four-part philosophy.

Here is the first part: Ants never quit. That's a good philosophy. If they're headed somewhere and you try to stop them, they'll look for another way. They'll climb over. They'll climb under. They'll climb around. They keep looking for another way. What a neat philosophy-to never quit looking for a way to get where you're supposed to go.
Second, ants think winter all summer. That's an important perspective. You can't be so naive as to think summer will last forever. So ants gather their winter food in the middle of summer.
An ancient story says, "Don't build your house on the sand in the summer." Why do we need that advice? Because it is important to think ahead. In the summer, you've got to think storm. You've got to think rocks as you enjoy the sand and sun.
The third part of the Ant Philosophy is that ants think summer all winter. That is so important. During the winter, ants remind themselves, "This won't last long; we'll soon be out of here." And the first warm day, the ants are out. If it turns cold again, they'll dive back down, but then they come out the first warm day. They can't wait to get out.
And here's the last part of the ant philosophy. How much will an ant gather during the summer to prepare for the winter? All he possibly can. What an incredible philosophy, the "all-you-possibly-can" philosophy.
Wow, what a great philosophy to have-the ant philosophy. Never give up, look ahead, stay positive and do all you can.
Listen to Jim Rohn's presentation of the Ant Philosophy recorded live.

The Day That Turns Your Life Around (Jim Rohn)

"Now is the time to fix the next 10 years."
—Jim Rohn

How are you at achieving the goals you set for yourself? Do you make significant progress? Is it more like taking one step forward and two steps back?
What's your plan to keep yourself growing,
learning and achieving throughout the year?

Jim Rohn-3keys to greatness

It's not too late to incorporate a system that helps you stay focused and on course for reaching your goals. And here is how you can benefit from the legacy that legendary personal achievement expert Jim Rohn left us and have him as your mentor.  

 Jim Rohn shares the ideas, strategies and proven principles that helped him achieve mega-success in both business and in life for more than 40 years.

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