terça-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2013

I wish you all Happy New Year : I pray that in this New Year 2014 GOD bless we all

With thanksgiving to  Almighty God for the gift of live and for  His infinite mercy, we pray that in this New Year 2014 this blessing continues, indeed, that it be strengthened all over the world, for the good of all MANKIND.

I pray that many blessings will be abundantly  bestowed by God tthose who come to know His righteousness. 

"Behold, as the waters are poured out upon the dry ground and spread over the parched soil, so will I give the spirit of holiness to be poured out upon your children for a blessing even to your children's children" 

If have entrusted your life to God, then you can have confidence. If you are endeavoring to seek Him and look for Him you can feel secure!  

God has plans for your life that only He knows.  

God is still in control regardless of how the situation may appear.  He loves each one of us!  

And has good plans for us! 

Start praising the Lord for what He has in store and allow expectation to rise within you knowing that God has got a plan and you are going to be alright!

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From: Rotem Hecht 
Date: 2013/12/31
Subject: Happy New Year

To: vitimas.falsos.condominios@gmail.com

I wish you all Happy New Year

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Rotem Hecht

Thank you, ROTEM HECHT, for your message !

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Anônimo disse...

It's so beautiful!
Thank you very much and Happy New Year for you too.
Cris ( via email )

Anônimo disse...

Wako escreveu: "My Honored Dear Friend & Entire Family Comunidade Vitimas Falsos Condominios First Of All Big Thanks For Wishing Myself Happy Birth Day & Happy 2014 - New Year & I Continuing You Remain Wishing Each One Of Us Than Ever Before Begin A Fresh Strong Visioned Struggle In Mainstreaming Furtherance Miraculous Progression Targetting Sustainability success Against Violation Of Human Rights Brazil becoming No.1 World Community At Large Like History of Football All Over the World. In Connection, I Remain Wishing Brazilian Nationals Ever Good luck & the best humanitarian services a cross the world at large. " ( via facebook )