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NÓS SÓ QUEREMOS O NOSSO SALÁRIO ! "We don't know how much they are spending on the World Cup, but we just need our salary


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From: Jayde Bradley, Walk Free
Date: 2014-08-03 7:30 GMT-03:00
Subject: "We just need our salary"


Dear Movimento Nacional de Defesa,

"We don't know how much they are spending on the World Cup, but we just need our salary."1
- Migrant worker in Qatar waiting over a year to be paid.

Imigrantes que trabalham nas obras da Copa do Mundo 2022, no QATAR, sem salario há 1 ANO !
                         assine aqui a esta petição à FIFA contra o trabalho escravo no QATAR  ...

This week a new story of migrant worker abuse in Qatar has hit the headlines. Workers from Nepal, India and Sri Lanka who helped build the luxury offices that host the 2022 World Cup organising committee have been waiting over a year to be paid.2These workers are now trapped in Qatar, as the company they were working for collapsed and they have no paperwork to protect them from imprisonment or to ensure their basic needs are met. They are also unable to leave the country without permission from their employer or the funds required for travel. While no expense was spared on the building they worked on, the multi-million dollar ‘Tower of Football’, these workers are trapped in poverty and their families become even more indebted as they await their wages.3And this is just a snapshot of the wider exploitation of migrant workers in Qatar, with many more at risk as thousands pour into the country to build the 2022 World Cup infrastructure.

Enough is enough: call on FIFA to use its influence over Qatar as the 2022 World Cup host to help end modern slavery there.

The Qatari authorities are feeling the heat. A raft of new announcements have been made in recent months including on changes to employment law and working conditions.4 But these developments clearly don’t go far enough and the everyday reality for migrant workers in Qatar is unacceptable. The World Cup organising committee can’t even guarantee the rights of workers at its own offices.

With Qatar in the news again we want to make the most of this opportunity to keep the pressure up on FIFA to be part of the solution -- can you help us?

Demand real action to end modern slavery in Qatar now.

Once you have taken action, there is one more thing you can do straight away to strengthen the campaign: please ask your friends and family to join us too.

In solidarity,
Jayde, Mich, Amy, Ryan, Jeremy and the Walk Free Team

P.S. There are many different actors that have a responsibility to help end modern slavery in Qatar and we have plans to grow this campaign in the coming months. Please take action now and we’ll keep you up to date on the latest developments and new actions to end the abuse of migrant workers in Qatar.


Walk Free is a movement of people everywhere, fighting to end one of the world's greatest evils: Modern slavery.

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