quinta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2011

Tragedy in Rio de Janeiro Brazil- more than 741people killed (Rescue of a woman) English subtitles

actually  UNTIL 01.20.2011 - there are more than 741 dead , and thousands of people missed 

In rescue her dog was eventually washed away.
The rescue scene was recorded by a television crew.
The scene shows Intertv registered by the owner when the dog loose hairs, Beethoven, she tried to help with it.
Since it was free, on firm ground, hairs could not sleep. "You close your eyes and it seems that whole scene happen again to me. Is still very recent, I'm still shaken by it all. But one thing will never get tired of doing that is to thank my neighbors for having played that chord. "
Hairs said he tried to fall back on a slab, imagining that the place would be resistant to the force of water.

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